Digital Photo Retouching & Enhancement Service

JPFix Skin Improvement Technology

Our innovative Skin Improvement computer technology is a kind of the advanced texture converters based on Pattern Recognition method.
This method allows to manipulate with the patterns: regular structures periodically distributed on the image.
Having availability to recognize the patterns we can modify their intensity and distribution without affecting to other objects.


The image above demonstrates a typical pattern structure on a cat fur. Here we could recognize and remove these patterns and left other structure unchanged. The human skin also is a pattern structure and we apply this method to improve the skin, repairing damaged patterns and removing undesirable objects.
This image shows well visible
skin blemishes, cellulite and creases at the original photo, significantly reduced after applying our the skin improvement technology.

In combination with JPFix Noise Suppression, Color Enhancement and Emphasis the Skin Improvement Technology allows to remove, or visibly reduce undesirable imperfections like acne, acne scars and sun damaged skin, uneven pigmentation and freckles, varicose veins and cellulite, leaving skin look natural and healthy.

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